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Welcome to Solar, Wind, & Fire website.

There are so many ways to Go Green.† I was fortunate enough to work within the system for about five years as a civilian contractor at the US Department of Energy (DOE) in the Building Technology Sector of the Office of State and Community Programs. The stories you hear about the Government and the people that run it are mostly baloney. The folks I worked with have a true desire to make our earth a better place. I learned a lot from them, and I have spent several years since then trying to spread the word on Renewable Energy. It was a great pleasure to work alongside people that have a passion for what they do.

We appreciate you taking the time to be here, and thanks for checking us out. To me that means you want to know if I know my apples, or if this is just some hype. Well, the only thing I sell (or allow to be sold) on my website is a subscription to my daily newsletter. There are no ads or programs available for purchase here.

Some say I am an expert in this area, but I think I just have a lot of information about Renewable Energy, and want to share it. I read 60+ rss newsfeeds every day and I write a weekly post at Earth Renews and a daily subscription newsletter for my members. We never run out of questions from them to write about.

Later this summer I will be installing a ground source, or geothermal, system in my home. A tractor hoe will dig up my entire backyard so I can lay in the ductwork at 8Ē deep, where the ground stays 68 degrees year round. We put a fan on the yard end and 68 degree air comes out the other end into my existing central air/heat system, and Voila! I have a cool house in the summer and a warm house in the winter! No more heat pump in the winter, and no more air conditioner running 24 hours every day in the summer, just one 3/4hp motor.

If you think it is time to Go Green, get off the grid, or do something to save the planet for one more generation, you have found the right place. I believe in Green Energy and hope I can be of use to you.

Do you want information on your choices, or your State Tax Rebate Program for Geothermal, or information on Solar Connectors? Need something looked up or an energy audit of your building? Maybe I know where to look.† Thatís my job.

Iíll start you off with an easy question. Everyone knows that there is a tax credit if you put solar on your home. That credit has a $2000 cap on it. There is also a tax credit if you put solar on your business, but that has no cap on it. So the question is, how many of you, dear readers, have an office in your home, and did you have to get zoning for that when you set it up? If you had to get zoning for an office in your home, then you must have a business there, and if you have a business there and wanted to put in solar, shouldnít the business rate apply for your tax credit, the one with no cap? Itís just a question.

Welcome to my world. Let me help you.



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